The Difference between Epistemology and Metaphysics, according to an AI ('Artificial Intelligence’) Program .. LOL ... (Thanks to Randal Brown) - by John Smithin

(I personally think that the program looked it up on Wikipedia, which is what sentient human beings also do. Notice that the program was not smart enough to put Metaphysics first). Anyhow; 

Epistemology is the branch of philosophy that deals with knowledge and belief. It asks questions about what knowledge is, how we acquire it, and how we can justify believing something to be true. Some of the main topics in epistemology include skepticism, justification, and the nature of truth.

Metaphysics on the other hand, is the branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of reality. It asks questions about the fundamental nature of existence, such as what exists, what it is like, and how it is related to other things. Some of the main topics in metaphysics include substance, causation, and the nature of time and space. 

While epistemology is concerned with how we come to know things, metaphysics is concerned with what we can know and what exists independently of our knowledge of it. While epistemology is concerned with knowledge and belief, metaphysics is concerned with the nature of reality itself. 



For some reason I found myself at the Detroit Grand Prix auto race many years ago. I was a guest of the government of Michigan, and we had a very nice booth. We were outside and had the usual booth treatment: refreshments, drinks, and attractive young ladies to serve. The booth was at a corner, a turning point. I was told that this was very prestigious but I'm not sure why. There was an awful sound followed by a car turning the corner. That's it, nothing more and nothing less. After half an hour I was becoming suicidal, and I started to fantasize about a car turning the corner, crashing, and bursting into flames. Now that would have been fun. Of course, one would hope that the driver and bystanders would be unharmed.

I am now having the same emotions watching Prince Harry self-destruct. My response, and everyone else's response, is simply a matter of Freudian projection. My view of Harry has nothing to do with Harry, it is all about me and that is true for everyone else. That is why you see the range of responses: disgusted with his behavior, enjoyment watching the carnage, pity for someone who is obviously experiencing deep emotional trauma (PTSD), fear that we would behave just as badly or worse.