Our Team

Officers of the Corporation

Alla Marchenko (Executive Co-Director, President and Chair, Marketing Director)

John Smithin (Executive Co-Director, Secretary and Treasurer)

David Barrows (Capital Region Director)

Stella Crouch (Youth Director and Vice President, New York)

John Cummins (Community Affairs Director)

Torrey Byles (Vice President, Pacific NorthWest)

Henry Chausovsky (Vice President, Central America)

Charles Cummins (Vice President, Seniors Development)

Ronen Grunberg (Vice President, Technology)



Community Affairs Committee

John Cummins (Chair)                                              

Alla Marchenko                                                         

Veronica Vicherek

Executive Committee

Alla Marchenko (Chair)

John Cummins


John Smithin

Research and Public Policy Committee

Dave Barrows (Chair)

Ronen Grunberg

Alla Marchenko

John Smithin