The Tuesday Philosophy Club is a community-based group supported by the Aurora Philosophy Institute (API)
Presenter Topic Date
Ronen Grunberg & John Smithin Politics
Henry Chausovsky Stoicism: Part 1
Alla Marchenko, Jeff Lau, Ronen Grunberg Spring Philosophy Party
Ronen Grunberg & John Smithin Non-Aristotelian Approaches to Ethics (Philosophy Discussion Program)
Shishir Lakhani Machiavelli: Relevance to Daily Life?
Ronen Grunberg & John Smithin Virtue Ethics (Philosophy Discussion Program)
Torrey Byles Philosophy or Psychology? Embodied Realism and the Economy of Being
Torrey Byles, Ronen Grunberg & John Smithin Reality? (Philosophy Discussion Program)
David Barrows The Philosophy of Hate and the Anomaly of Anti-Semitism
Ronen Grunberg & John Smithin Critical Realism: Part 2 (Philosophy Discussion Program)
Howard Leznoff Philosophy and Film: Part 3
Sherman Balogh, Ronen Grunberg & John Smithin Critical Realism: Part 1 (Philosophy Discussion Program)
Ronen Grunberg & John Smithin The Philosophical Order (Philosophy Discussion Program)
Ronen Grunberg & John Smithin Why Philosophy? What is It? What is It For? (Philosophy Discussion Program)
Henry Chausovsky Schopenhauer: The World as Will and Representation, Part 2
MPP Dawn Gallahger Murphy, Mayor Tom Mrakas, API President Alla Marchenko Funding Announcements, Aurora Seniors Centre
Shishir Lakhani, Ronen Grunberg, Alla Marchenko Fall Philosophy Social Party
Stella Crouch German Expressionism
Stella Crouch, Sherman Balogh, Ronen Grunberg Philosophy and Film: Part 2
Emilia Leese Think Like a Vegan
Henry Chausovsky Schopenhauer: 'The World as Will and Representation'
Graham Hubbs G.E.M. Anscombe's Moral Philosophy
Howard Leznoff Philosophy of Mind
Meaghan Grunberg & Ronen Grunberg The Philosophy of Film
Torrey Byles Ontology of Money Part 2: Developments in Philosophy
Tom Muench Governance and (Local) Government in Ontario
Torrey Byles The Ontology of Money and Paradigm Shifts in Philosophy and Economics since Adam Smith
Stella Crouch Sign Language and Colonization: Philosophy of Language, Power and The Linguistic Turn
David Barrows Grading Ayn Rand
Shishir Lakhani Some Philosophers from the Indian Sub Continent: An Introduction
Steven Pressman The Wonderfully Paradoxical World of Adam Smith
Ronen Grunberg Marshall McLuhan: The Medium is the Message
Sherman Balogh George Grant and the Technological Society
Stella Crouch Gender, Philosophy, and their Histories
Ronen Grunberg, John Smithin Debate: Idealism Versus Realism
Ronen Grunberg The Philosophy of Pleasure
David Barrows The New Thought Movement
Howard Leznoff Woman-Centred Ethics
Judith Goldman Narrative in Adam Smith
Henry Chausovsky Happiness and Contentment, Part 2
Graham Hubbs Elizabeth Anscombe (Intention)
Sherman Balogh Bernard Lonergan, Part 2
Ronen Grunberg Epicurianism
Wilbur Fletcher 'I Think, Therefore I Think I Am'
George Perendia An Overview of the Health Economy and Associated Ethics Issues in Times of COVID
David Barrows Nihilism, Existentialism: A Parable?
Madhavendra Lobel Meditation and Bhuddism
Shishir Lakhani How Do We Live This One Life We Know We Have, To The Fullest?
Henry Chausovsky Happiness Versus Contentment
Stella Crouch Existentialism
Graham Hubbs Philosophical Explanations of the Nature of Money
Ronen Grunberg Knowledge and Opinion
Shishir Lakhani Introduction to the Upanishads and the Bhagwat Gita
John Smithin Ten Philosophical Mistakes?
Henry Chausovsky Rationalists and Empiricists
Alla Marchenko Philosophy Beach Party 2, (New Directions for the API)
Henry Chausovsky Philosophy Beach Party 1, (David Hume)
Howard Leznoff The Social Construction of Reality
Vassili Kolomatski Nietzche
Ronen Grunberg The Right to Repair
Sherman Balogh Bernard Lonergan (Insight)
Ronen Grunberg, Howard Leznoff Ontology of Virtuality, Post Modernism: An Overview
Ronen Grunberg Philosophy Quiz
Brenda Spotton Visano Gender Issues and Intersectionality
Randal Brown, John Cummins, Ronen Grunberg, Howard Leznoff, John Moniz, Veronica Vicherek Aurora Agora Night
David Basskin Jazz and the Cold War
Sherman Balogh Machiavelli (Discourses on Livy)
Royden D'Sousa Experimental Philosophy
Veronica Vicherek Aquinas, Part 2
Veronica Vicherek Aristotle and Aquinas
Vassili Kolomatski Ortega y Gasset, Part 2
John Smithin Philosophy of Money, Part 2
John Smithin Towards a Philosophy of Money and Finance
Vassili Kolomatski Ortega y Gasset (The Revolt of the Masses)
Luke Chawrun What is Metaphysics?