Introduction to the Discussion of Shishir Lakhani’s ‘Some Philosophers from the Indian Subcontinent’– by John Smithin


My name is John Smithin and I am the Executive Co-Director of the Aurora Philosophy Institute, here in Aurora, Ontario, Canada.

On May 24th 2022, Shishir Lakhani gave a very interesting talk to the API on ‘Some Philosophers from the Indian Subcontinent’, and this is highly recommended viewing on our YouTube Channel. The current video is the discussion period which followed, interesting viewing in its own right. The three philosophers who were discussed were Bhudda (Siddartha Gautama), Sankara, who took Hinduism in a more philosophical rather than purely religious direction by focusing on commentary on the Upanishads, and Guru Nanak who was the founder of the Sikh tradition.

On a more personal note, May 24th was also my 71st birthday and the 223rd birthday of Queen Victoria. When I was young my Mother used to tell me that all the flags, etc., that were put out on that day werein my honour - and I believed her, of course. Coincidentally (or perhaps not) Victoria was also Empress of India between 1878 and 1901. So it all fits together!