Jobber* by David Barrows API

I am constantly asked, “Prof. Dave, are you a Jobber." My answer is clear. Given the state of my mental and physical deterioration, I am in no position to Job. Well, Prof. Dave, have you ever Jobbed?

Have I Jobbed?

Many, many years ago, I was a senior executive in the Ministry of Industry in the Province of Ontario. One day I was sitting in my office looking out the window. A public servant never looks out the window in the morning because they would have nothing to do in the afternoon. I received a call from Mr. X, the President of the XYZ Manufacturing Association.

Meaningless pleasantries: Hi Dave, how are you? I want to thank you for all the work that you did to assist in the development of a strategy for our industry.

Meaningless response: My pleasure it was wonderful to work with you and your colleagues.

The ask: Dave, we have been looking at the budgetary implications, and we require an additional $5 million dollars.

Polite response: Well, we just finished the strategy. Perhaps we should give it some time for implementation before we examine future budgetary considerations. What do you need the money for, a new yacht?

Indignant response: That's not really funny. But as it happens, I am looking for a new boat.

Much bureaucratic blather: "F.O. and Die", you despicable piece of "Sxxx"

Sarcastic response: Dave, I certainly understand your decision.

I received a call from my Deputy Minister (the senior-ranking bureaucrat in the Ministry)

Smarten up: I understand you had a discussion with Mr. X of the XYZ Association and that you refused to provide the requested funding.

I don't like the way this is going: Yes, it was inappropriate at this time, blah blah blah.

Pay up, stupid: I think under the circumstances, the request should be honored.

A man of principle: But I really do not think that it is appropriate at this time

You are in big trouble: Do it, or your next job will be in the mail room

Jobber: Certainly, I will get on it right away. You make a very persuasive argument

Ethics 101:

I just Jobbed. I did a bad thing. Was it unethical? I guess so.

But it was really not my fault. I was just “Following Orders". Now, where have I heard that expression before? Surely the two are not equivalent. Does size matter, or is an action unethical in every situation?

Jobber*:  In professional wrestling slang, a Job is a losing performance in a wrestling match. It is derived from the euphemism "doing one's job. The term can be used a number of ways. When a wrestler is booked to lose a match, it is described as "a Job". The act itself is described with the verb Jobbing, Wrestlers who routinely (or exclusively) lose matches are known as Jobbers.