The Parable of How a Father Showed His Son What People Think - (hat-tip Alla Marchenko)

They both boarded a donkey and rode to nearby villages. In the first, they were called out and 

shamed for the fact that the two of them rode an animal without sparing him. The father in tears. 

In the second village, they shamed the son, for the fact that he is not kind to his father, who is 

forced to walk. Then, only the father sat on the donkey and in the third village he was already 

criticized for callousness to his young son. After that, they cut down some poles from the forest, 

tied up the donkey and carried it themselves. In the next village, they were criticized for the felled 

tree and their stupidity - after all, the donkey could have been left at home. After they took the 

donkey under a bridle, but in this case they were called dummies, because the donkey was 

travelling in vain, idle. As a result, the father told his son that it would always be so - if you do 

not think with your head, but live for the opinions of other people and their minds, then you will 

never please anyone.