‘Art’: A Breathing Room for My Spirit by Shishir Lakhani

‘Art’ A Breathing Room for My Spirit 

by Shishir Lakhani

 The spirit within seeks certainty and permanence. The hard question hence always in the back of our mind … The difficult problem of consciousness concerning why and how humans and other organisms have that subjective and qualitative conscious experience.

Science had always seemed so intelligent, certain and quantitative. ‘If it cannot be measured it does not exist!’ I had full confidence in it. I loved Physics and I adored Chemistry. Then as I grew I learnt quickly that science continually improves on itself discarding its old answers. The UNCERTAINTY principle of quantum physics and the MULTIVERSE theory of Relativity only add to mystery … dampening my spirit.

Arts on the other hand seemed to grow upon itself, providing infinite fodder to my mind.Nature, photography, painting, sculpting, literature, music, poetry, film … the list goes on Old classics never fail to turn our heads that Mona Lisa smile … still so alluring. In writing we use compelling metaphors bridging the unfamiliar to familiar. Great words arranged with cunning and artistry that impart truth that leave us spellbound!

Then I realized that creativity requires a combination of our intelligence enlivened by imagination. We all live in a FILTERED REALITY interpreting our reality based on our own subjective, qualitative experiences. Sciences certainly show us HOW. But it takes Arts and humanities show us WHY.

 Thus Arts hold a universal emotional appeal expressing more feelings than fact - a humanized view - Literature further refines our sensibilities. It gives us a spontaneous sweep and range of human imagination … as it sees itself. 

Such unlimited variations in Arts spiced hyperbolically with metaphorical language opened up a treasure trove of imageries, full of delight and joy. Indeed each and every one of us is a creative artist, only limited by our imagination.

I shut my eyes in order to see’ – Gauguin 

By losing that craving for certainty I had to suspend my thinking mind … in order to feel and regain my spirit. 


The greatest Art of all … Judgment fully suspended.

That creative solitude … 

Observing myself and the nature … all being part of one …

In stillness … listening and overhearing … 


That cloak of silence … That is so full of words ... 

Spirit revived, fully inhaling, realizing that …

I am never less alone…. than when by myself.

 All this time the world was within … and I was not home.