Talk by Shishir Lakhani at Fall Philosophy Social Party, 12.10.2023

Talk by Shishir Lakhani

(API Fall Social Party @ Aw Shucks, Aurora 12.10.23)


Philosopher friends,

It was early 2020

It took the magic of Meetup groups

that … opened my doors to the existence of API


It was a pleasant surprise to find myself 

in the presence of so many philosophers

Oh… Did I say philosophers?

Ok ok ... I use that word loosely


Seriously though … It was a refreshing discovery 

Deeper Discussions on subject that has always

 Interested me … sometimes Intrigued me and

… often baffled me … That love of wisdom.


I was met by a group that is congenial respectful and supportive

Offering belonging

Offering safety

My friends … That is not an accident

That is a consequence of

Competent and Compassionate leadership 

Let us hear it  for our API leadership team


API is well-organized and structured ( … most of the time … )

Providing a platform

to research, inform, educate and spread the word

… abou ... Profound ideas ...

Ideas that are … as old … as humanity.


Our API reach … amazes me

People from across the world zooming-in to share ideas.


They say you have to know yourself … in order to know the world

API gives us a chance to self - evaluate and 

Take pulse of our own KPI's (a business term)


I was molded by my Entrepreneurial background 

… To being ... very pragmatic

Practicality becoming … second nature

Clever in the ‘tricks of the trade’


Notice I said clever … I did not say wise.

So many Compromises reached to attain material success

And soon … with money concerns behind me

… I retired at the age of 53

Nevertheless … the interiors of my being,  

Kept demanding … kept questioning – There had to be more to life


Seeking a solace of a more meaningful and fulfilling life

I found just that … in Heart and Stroke Foundation 

Raising funds, Raising awareness – saving lives

… I continue to help businesses find their own success … thru ASE

Life began to flourish


That same very search is often reflected in so many of you

as we share, discuss and debate our ideas.

We come to realize … we are all ‘work in progress’


I would however be remiss if I did not make a special effort to thank the two key individuals who made my entry to this group a joy!!!

Alla and John  (Thank you Thank you)


In Philosophy

We highlight what it means to be human 

Those infinite possibilities of Thoughts and behaviors 

·        To Feel right

·        To Think right

·        To Act right  and all

·        For the right reasons

Right … ?

Right (scoff)

Right is a delicate and difficult target

when we Recognize and we appreciate that 

… In such a relative world  … Right is a loaded term


Much to think about and much to absorb

… But I believe now

… now it is Time to absorb

… more than just ideas

As dinner that awaits


Ladies and Gentlemen  

Please stand as we toast to  … To API!!!


All the best 




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