Aurora Philosophy Institute Projects and Areas of Interest:

Community Outreach

  • Support for the Tuesday Philosophy Club, a successful ongoing community-based group
  • Assistance for local small business
  • Links with local community and business leaders
  • Philosophy and well-being


  • Provision of educational materials online and via other delivery methods
  • The Hana Hermanska Memorial Library of Philosophy
  • Individual instruction model
  • Online instruction model
  • Business development and communications skills - the 'Pygmalion Project'
  • Youth chapter of the API
  • API Academy - private discussions and tutorials

Public Policy

  • Capital Region (Ottawa) chapter of the Aurora Philosophy Institute/Institut philosophie Aurora
  • Critical mass of expertise and interest in Political Economy among API Associates
  • International co-operation and linkages


  • 'Philosophical' realism versus 'critical' realism, with applications in Canadian Studies, Philosophy of Money, Philosophy of Religion, Political Economy, Social Ontology
  • The Journal of the Aurora Philosophy Institute
  • Facilitate research and debate on topics of public interest