Death: It Makes You Think by David Barrows, API

I have always been interested in how things work. When I started to study business management, I learned that this is called, amongst other things, the value proposition. As a result, I have never been bored. Whether in a donut shop or doing a training session in Sri Lanka, I always ask the same question: What is the value proposition, what makes this work/ or not work?

Comments on Ronen Grunberg’s Presentation on Marshall McLuhan – Tuesday March 22, 2022 – by John Smithin

This was a very interesting presentation and is highly recommended viewing on the API YouTube channel. The purpose of this note is to comment on a particular slide in the section about the  ‘moral aspects’ of new media  (slide #36 to be precise). McLuhan is trying to provide some sort of antidote to the overwhelming effects of one particular medium rather than another. For example, if you are watching too much television, switch it off and read a book.