Notes on ‘subjectivity, ‘intersubjectivity’ and ‘objectivity’ by Torrey Byles

Logic is rooted in the social principle.

Human consciousness and behavior are not that different from other animals. Our distinctive difference is the extreme elaboration of certain cognitive mechanisms which underly language, as an instrument in planning, and the practical skills by which those plans are executed. This elaboration has made us the most generalized and adaptable animal on earth. This small difference has mighty consequences. (Ingold, Tim. The Animal in the Study of Humanity. P. 372)

Harry, by David Barrows

For some reason I found myself at the Detroit Grand Prix auto race many years ago. I was a guest of the government of Michigan, and we had a very nice booth. We were outside and had the usual booth treatment: refreshments, drinks, and attractive young ladies to serve. The booth was at a corner, a turning point. I was told that this was very prestigious but I'm not sure why. There was an awful sound followed by a car turning the corner. That's it, nothing more and nothing less.