Harry, by David Barrows

For some reason I found myself at the Detroit Grand Prix auto race many years ago. I was a guest of the government of Michigan, and we had a very nice booth. We were outside and had the usual booth treatment: refreshments, drinks, and attractive young ladies to serve. The booth was at a corner, a turning point. I was told that this was very prestigious but I'm not sure why. There was an awful sound followed by a car turning the corner. That's it, nothing more and nothing less.

In Spite of Plato: A Feminist Rewriting of Ancient Philosophy by Adriana Cavarero – Stella Crouch

While reading Adriana Cavarero’s work, I couldn’t stop thinking about the sexist messages and ideas that I consumed without even realizing it while reading many philosophical texts. Attempting to reframe ancient philosophy in a less misogynistic way is no easy task, but I believe in doing so, we can all begin to unlearn both the explicit and more subtle sexism embedded in philosophy. In reading the piece, I felt like I was battling the misogynistic and patriarchal gaze of Plato - which is fitting for the title.

Apocalypse Now: This Time it Feels Different by Dave Barrows API

The human animal enjoys killing for profit, fun, and pleasure. The history of the human animal is one of warfare. There has been warfare all of my life: Born during World War II, the Korean War, and the War in Vietnam, Iraq (Wars 1 & 2), and Afghanistan, as well as the Israeli Wars.

These are the major conflicts (all nonnuclear) currently underway.